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Home / News / 2024 Loblolly Pine harvest planned for July/August.
Home / News / 2024 Loblolly Pine harvest planned for July/August.

2024 Loblolly Pine harvest planned for July/August.

Published 11:37am on 24 Jan 2024

2024 Loblolly Pine harvest planned for July/August.

We are going harvest the Loblolly Pines on the club grounds. This will include all Pine trees in the woodlands area, camping area and some scattered trees that
will be marked to be removed primarily on the North end of the club.

Summary of Why
The Loblolly Pines surrounding the club are 68 years old and starting to show the first signs of decline. This is not unexpected, the nursery grown pines of this vintage were planted with the intent to have a total rotation of 50 years. If we do nothing, these large pines are going to start falling at an accelerated rate over the next 10 years. This will cause property damage and additional cost to the club to clean up. This harvest is part of the scheduled land use plan.
This will open up the understory hardwoods to additional sunlight and resources that will accelerate the transition to a hardwood climax forest.  We currently have a contract with a logger that has agreed to do a low impact harvest. This will involve cutting the trees with a logging shear and taking them upright to a designated logging deck.
The goal is to preserve the under story hardwoods. The Pines being removed are 90 tall and up to 25 in diameter. When you remove trees of the size, some damage to the understory will occur. We will be doing additional work to clean up the site after the harvest. The fact remains, logging sites are ugly and our wooded buffer is going to take time to recover.
For additional details please refer to the land use plan completed before the 2016 thinning. A copy is available to all members on the website.
Please be aware - The Land use committee needs your cooperation moving boats and campers prior to the harvest. Additional information as to when and where to move your property will follow in the spring.

The harvest will take 2-3 weeks and begin and end sometime between 7/8/24-8/30/24

In advance, thank you for your assistance and tolerance as we plan and implement this project.
Mark Aspland

Last updated 11:45am on 24 January 2024

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