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Home / Events / July 4th 2020 - Sunday
Home / Events / July 4th 2020 - Sunday

July 4th 2020 - Sunday

5th July


1.1.The Lake Norman Yacht Club July 4th Racing will consist of 1 Club Series style Weekend, July 4-5, 2020.

1.2.Saturday & Sunday Keelboat Races will be sailed Down the Lake to a combination of permanent marks and/or temporary marks determined by the Race Committee.The races will be started and finished by the regular ATB Race Committee.There will be a maximum of two (2) races on Saturday.

1.3.Saturday & Sunday ATB Division Races will be sailed around the buoys as set by the race committee. Up to four (4) ATB races may be sailed on Saturday. The Saturday ATB Division starting sequences may include combined fleets

1.4.VHF Radio will be monitored by the Race Committee on Channel 71.The Race Committee may make announcements to the Fleet over Channel 71. See Sailing Instructions for further information


2.1.LNYC July 4th races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 (RRS).Boats shall comply with rules of their class and Local Fleet.

2.2.Sailing Instructions for the 2020 LNYC Around the Buoys Courses will be available before the start of the first race on the LNYC website.

2.3.All Keelboat Racing will be governed by the Lake Wide Sailing Instructions except where modified by this NOR.

2.4.Competitors are reminded that they must follow local, state, and federal guidance on safety related to Covid-19.

2.5.Tent camping by guests will not be permitted at this event.

2.6.There will be no food, beer, fireworks or music at this year's event.


3.1.LNYC Club Series races are open to guests invited and hosted by a member of LNYC, and will be scored for the weekend. Only the following are eligible for LNYC Club Series scoring or awards:

3.1.1. LNYC Members and Youth members

3.1.2. Spouses of LNYC members

3.1.3. Children and Wards of LNYC members who are members of the LNYC Junior Program or who are 18-25 years of age and are dependents of a Club Member.


4.1.Each competitor shall be familiar with the requirements of the RRS, including Part 1 "Fundamental Rules."


5.1.Mandatory on the water check in for all boats not later than 0945 on Saturday. Boats not checked in by 0945 may not be scored for race 1. Sail behind the committee boats on starboard tack and hail until acknowledged.There will be no on shore competitors meeting.

5.2.The Warning Signal for the Saturday & Sunday Keelboat races will be 0955.

5.3.The Warning Signal for the ATB Saturday and Portsmouth Sunday races will be immediately following but not before 1000.

5.4.No warning signal will be made after 1600 on Saturday or 1400 on Sunday.


6.1.Each qualifying centerboard Fleet will be scored separately by actual finish, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

6.2.The Saturday Keelboat event will be scored using Keelboat PHRF Time on Time Ratings.

6.3.The Miscellaneous Fleet will be scored using Portsmouth Yardstick Ratings.

6.4.The Multi Hull Fleet will be scored using Portsmouth Yardstick Ratings.


7.1.Two or more like boats will constitute a Fleet.This will qualify the Fleet as a Fleet Start for the Saturday ATB event.

7.2.The Skipper of the boat is scored unless other provisions are made with the Fleet and Scorer.

7.3. Scores will be computed as stated in RRS Appendix A2 and as stated under Section 6 & 7 of this NOR.

7.4.RRS Appendix A9 will be in effect and is modified by deleting the last sentence and instead substituting the following: "A Skipper that sails in that day's races, for which scoring comprises a mini-series, shall receive one more than the number in the mini- series for any races not started or completed (i.e. DNS or DNF)."

7.5.Portsmouth ratings shall be assigned by:

7.5.1.US Sailing's Portsmouth Yardstick Index (published on the US Sailing Website)

7.5.2.If a boat is not listed on the US Sailing Portsmouth Yardstick Index, the Portsmouth Rating will be converted from PHRF as determined by LNYC.

7.5.3.If a boat is not listed on the US Sailing Portsmouth Yardstick Index and does not have a PHRF Rating with LNKC, the Portsmouth Rating shall be created by the LNYC Racing Committee by researching ratings around the US and comparing to similar designs.


8.1.Saturday & Sunday ATB Awards will be awarded to the skippers of each fleet inaccordance with the average number of boats sailing.

8.2.Saturday& Sunday Keelboat Awards will be awarded to the skippers of the fleet inaccordance with the average number of boats sailing.

8.3.Trophies awarded based on average number of boats:

8.3.1. 2-3 boats, 1 award

8.3.2. 4-5 boats, 2 awards

8.3.3. 6 + boats, 3 awards

Crew needed and available

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Last updated 3:36pm on 2 July 2020

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